Planning Enforcement

Have you had a visit from your Council's Planning Enforcement Team? Have you been notified of an alleged breach of planning control? Have you been issued with an Enforcement Notice? Westward Planning can help you.

When people think about Planning Enforcement, there are often many clichés that come to mind of bulldozers being sent in immediately, and endless heartache and upset. Conversely, there can often be the view that the Enforcement process is the "weak link" in the planning system. Well, whatever one may think about Planning Enforcement, the system that is in place is the system we have to deal with, and Westward Planning can help you in whatever aspect of this area of planning you may require guidance on.

Have you been accused of an alleged breach of planning control?

If you have, first of all, don't worry! Council Planning Enforcement Officers get many allegations of breaches of planning control reported to them, and are duty bound to investigate them. In some cases what they may find after a visit is that everything is absolutely fine.

If however you have been told by the Enforcement Officer that things are not fine, and what is done requires permission, Westward Planning can assist you. The Enforcement process is quite complex, in the event that an Enforcement Notice is issued by the Council you have to act quickly. In many cases the options available to you are either to remove the development or submit an appeal.

Each case will have its own particular aspects and details, so if you are faced with the situation that you have the Planning Enforcement Team visiting you or corresponding with you, it would be useful to commission Westward Planning at a very early stage to liaise with the Council and advise you of the best options. You can contact us here, for an initial discussion to go through the options available to you.

If you have been issued with an Enforcement Notice and wish to appeal this (the details will have been enclosed with the Notice when the Council served it), Westward Planning can advise you on exactly which appeal process to follow. As with conventional planning appeals, there are the various types of procedure that can be taken, however the grounds of appeal are more legally complex and professional advice should be taken before submitting an appeal. Westward Planning can give you the advice you need.

We look forward to hearing from you. Remember - our rates are highly competitive!