Pre-Application Enquiries

Without doubt, the most important step in the process of getting planning permission is getting pre-planning application advice. We can help!

It sounds obvious really, that discussing a scheme with the Council is a good idea, but it is surprising just how many planning applications are submitted with no discussions having taken place. What then happens inevitably is that something arises during the assessment of the planning application that causes a lengthy delay, possibly leading the Planning Officer to recommend that the scheme be withdrawn whilst the problems are sorted out, or worse still the schem is just refused permission.

These days, Councils are under increasing pressure to deal with applications quickly, and it is increasingly the trend that negotiations or changes are not allowed to be made once the planning application has been submitted. The implication of this is that applicants are under an obligation to get their submissions "right first time".

In some cases, just getting the planning application validated by the Council can be problematic if you have not sought their advice. If your scheme is not accompanied by ALL the necessary documentation and information they will not accept it. The key is to find out right at the beginning what you need, to avoid unecessary delays and hassle.

Every Council handles giving pre-planning application advice in a different way. In some cases getting the advice is free of charge, but it is becoming increasingly common for them to make charges for this service, usually depending on the detail of advice you are seeking, and what type of scheme you are wanting advice on. In many cases there are requirements to submit drawings, plans and other documents too. The days of just writing a letter or popping in to see a Planning Officer and getting some free advice are fast disappearing.

It need not be a worry though - putting an enquiry to the Council can be handled for you! What is important at this stage is to make sure that when you are seeking advice from the Council, that the right questions are asked. Commissioning Westward Planning to handle your pre-planning application enquiry will make sure that this is the case.

Whether or not you have had plans drawn up by an Architect, or even if you just have some rough sketches, Westward Planning can submit the pre-planning applicaiton enquiry on your behalf and manage the entire process. We can even give you advice before speaking to the Council, and guide you towards getting the development correct, right from the beginning.

If you want to go ahead with a development (this can be anything from a new roof dormer right up to a major residential development), but are unsure just where to start, we can help.

Please contact us using the form here to discuss your requirements and how Westward Planning can get that development from an idea to a comprehensive planning application.

We look forward to hearing from you!