Other Services that Westward Planning can provide…

Planning is not just about securing a planning consent. There are a whole variety of other matters that can arise, and Westward Planning can help you with all of these.

Would you like your views put forward with force and authority?

Have you received a notification from your Council about a development proposal? Are you concerned that this may impact upon your property? Would you like to put your views to the Council's Planning Department using the appropriate language, but are unsure where to start? Westward Planning can talk you through all you need to do, and compose representations on your behalf.

Have you been notified that your Council is updating its Development Plan? Are you concerned about the implications? Have you got suggestions to make to them? Westward Planning can advise you on how to proceed and can do all the necessary work on your behalf.

Lawful Development

Want to do some work to your property and want a definitive view of whether planning consent is required? We can communicate with your council and establish exactly what consents are required and obtain the necessary documentation from your Council to confirm if no consent is required.

Planning Enforcement

Been paid a visit by the Council's Planning Enforcement team? Not sure how to proceed? Don't worry - Westward Planning can guide you through every step of the Enforcement process.

All other Planning Matters

Telecommunications, Conservation issues, Environmental Assessments; Planning covers a huge amount of legislation and topics, and it is not possible to put every scenario on this website. If you are faced with a planning query which you have not seen set out on this site, it does not mean we do not deal with it! On the contrary, we would be happy to discuss any planning question you may have.